Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Loot - The Goodies


goodies from Hokkaido - crab miso, white chocolate coated everything (strawberries, corn...), caramel, biccies...

pepper tea (from Shirogane Kankou)

unusual Kit Kat flavours - corn and potato

Tokyo bananas - banana-shaped sponge cakes filled with banana cream

Hiyoko - chick-shaped sponge cakes filled with sweet bean paste

Everything came in beautiful packaging.


from Uniqlo

from Loft

from Graniph

from Graniph


from drugstores

from drugstores

Everything Else

from Yodobashi Camera

from Loft

from Loft

from Kiddyland

from Tokyo Hands

from Tokyo Hands

from Muji

from Mori Art Museum bookstore

from Asahikawa Zoo

from Tsutaya

from Its' Demo

mittens, from Asahidake Onsen

from SQ

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  1. hey..interesting blog...myself planning for a hokkaido self-drive a week later( have not book any thing other than the airtickets!!)..bump across your blog, and thought it is very nicely written with great pics. good reference for us except that we'll be covering much more places... cheers!